The Legend

The legend – A Knight, a Princess & a Dragon

Children learn about Sant Jordi and its tradition of books and roses with the legend of Sant Jordi (Saint George).

Long time ago, in the ancient village of Montblanc, people lived in fear of an evil dragon. For years, the beast had been devouring people and attacking herds. As nobody could live in peace, the king thought of a solution to keep the dragon satisfied so villagers could go by with their day. A person selected randomly would be sent to the dragon cave. Fate set that the first selected person was the princess. Villagers asked for clemency to the king, as she was a very much beloved princess. The king, loyal to his decision, still sent his daughter to the dragon’s cave. Suddenly, a knight riding a white horse arrived to the village. His name was Jordi and was determined to save the princess. The knight fought with great bravery and killed the fearsome beast, whose blood sprouted a rosebush. In gratitude, the king offered him the princess in marriage. However, the knight could not accept such an honor. After giving one of the dragon’s blood roses to the princess, Sant Jordi left with his white horse as suddenly as he had arrived.